Apartments in the newly built residential complex Dartown, 300 meters from the sea 550$


Apartments for sale in the newly built residential complex Dartown at the intersection of Pirosmani and Prospect Avenue Heroes.
The complex consists of two buildings of modern architecture – 22 floors and 35 floors.
Sea and beach at 300 meters
On the first and second floors of the facilities there are commercial areas (supermarket, hairdresser salon, fitness, SPA salon, outdoor pool, parking for 150 seats, etc.), and on the remaining floors of the 22 storey building – residential apartments of different sizes, with beautiful Views of the sea, the mountains and the city. In a 35-storey building, apart from residential apartments, there is a hotel with a separate entrance and an elevator.
The construction is carried out using high-quality, environmentally friendly building materials and modern technology by an experienced construction company.
Condition at time of sale – black frame:
The walls are built around the perimeter of the apartment (without internal partitions)
Wiring to the apartment with the installed meter
Water supply (riser) with installed counter
Riser gas pipe to the apartment
Internet to apartment
Front door – iron
Finished facade with metal plastic plastic windows and doors
Balconies partly with stained glass windows
Modern elevators
House commissioning – December 2018
The cost of apartments:
22 Floor Building:
Up to 7 floors- Pirosmani’s side $ 650 per m²
8-15 floors- Pirosmani’s side $ 750 per m²
16-22 floors – Pirosmani’s side $ 850 per m²
Up to 7 floors – inside $ 550 per m²
8-15 floors- the inner side of $ 650 per m²
16-22 floors – inside $ 750 per m²
35 Floor Building:
Up to 8 floors- inner side $ 650 per m²
9 -20 floors – inside $ 750 per m²
21-33 floors – inside $ 850 per m²
Up to 8 floors- side to the avenue $ 750 per m²
9 -20 floors- side to the avenue $ 850 per m²
21-33 floors- side on the avenue $ 950 per m²
Supplement for Repair (optional) – $ 200 per sq.m.
Supplement for Repair, Furniture and Equipment (optional) – $ 300 per sq.m.
Parking 1 m² – $ 500 per m²
Down payment 10%. Interest-free installments are 36 months.


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