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The best investment conditions


For sale apartments with sea views in 38 floor complex Alliance Palace from 1800$

ORBI Residense

Apartments in the finished residential complex ORBI Residence, 100 meters from the sea from 950$


Apartments in a newly built 30 fl. Residential building Horizont-2 from 605$


Apartments for sale in a modern residential building NEXT (orange) on the street Inasaridze from 465$

White Sails

Hotel complex on Batumi Boulevard “turnkey” from 1250$


Apartments in the newly built residential complex Dartown, 300 meters from the sea from 550$


Apartments in the built 25 fl. Residential building Nova on the street Inasaridze in 180 meters from the sea from 550$


Residential apartments in apart-hotels of the Austrian-Georgian project “Dreamland Oasis in Chakvi” from 1624$



And the principles of our work

Finding matches

The beauty of our work lies in the process of finding matches – an outcome when you tell us that this is exactly what you were looking for. We have been striving to perfect our ability to assist you in defining your most subtle needs and we are honest about what we think is the best for you – even if it is against our short term interests. If you are an investor – we will supplement your analysis with our local market specific knowledge and help finding property that satisfies your Batumi investment return expectations. If you are looking for vacation property, we will help defining what your summer dream home should be like and put all our efforts to find it.

Striving for excellence

We are a European origin real estate brokerage firm, now Batumi real estate brokers, driven by a team of passionate and hardworking individuals. Two core principles that guide our work are transparency and accountability. We aim to provide precise and up to date information combined with beautifully made media materials that give insights into every aspect of our Batumi realty listings. From the moment you find us until you have the first breakfast on the balcony of your dream home .. you are covered – we take full responsibility. We will help defining your needs, find a matching property, navigate you through all financial and legal aspects, help with home renovation issues and much more. All this – independent of your location. You can count on us. Find out what our clients think about our work

Technology friendly

We are technology friendly and can adapt to any communication channel. In most cases we use Viber, WhatsApp, iMessages, Skype for instant chatting / video calls and mail, Youtube, Dropbox, GoogleDrive for heavy data transfers. Even if you are abroad – we know how to ensure that you participate in the real time. Learn about the process of buying property in Batumi


Professional look

We have researched rigorously, chosen carefully and listed properties that we believe are worth your consideration




Take a step-by-step tour through the process of buying a property with Real Estate Batumi

Defining needs
You could start out by finding one suitable property from our listings. It would provide a rough insight into your preferences. Or you could write us what property you search for, which parameters are critically important, which preferable and where you are indifferent. See the list of typical questions when you buy with Real Estate Batumi
We search our online and offline database, expand it with listings from new private sellers and partner up with brokers from other Batumi realtor agencies to find number of matching properties. As we discuss each new proposal with you, we polish our comprehension of what may be a perfect match.
Insights into matches
Either we find a match in our database or from our partners, we put all our efforts to provide deeply insightful and comprehensive information supported by rich media. Batumi properties that you find appealing are photographed and video recorded by a professional photographer. We aim to present our listing as if you were present and saw everything with your own eyes (ex. property itself, view from balcony, how does the building look from inside and outside, route to land plot etc).
Legal check-up
To ensure that we could proceed with a sound deal, we check legal and financial background of each property in the State Real estate registry. Real Estate Batumi team has obtained basic legal consulting competencies and is equipped with well designed contracts for different deal types. Nevertheless, for complex deals we have partnered up with a trustworthy legal consulting firm in Batumi.
Transfer and meeting
We can meet you in Batumi international airport, bus or train station to take you to your accommodation. While being with Real Estate Batumi brokers, you should not worry about transportation – you are covered.
Ideally, we have narrowed down our search to 2-3 perfectly matching properties before you arrive. We have had occasions when we looked through tens of properties in Batumi, it took 3 months before you arrived and 4 hours before we closed the deal and opened champagne in your new home. Even if you reach us one day before your arrival, we will do our best to help defining your needs, find matching properties, check their legal and financial background and arrange viewing.
Property rights registration in Georgia is a simple and transparent process, thus, in the majority of real estate deals parties use simplified purchase agreement. If you prefer more complex purchase agreement and, for instance, escrow account, you will be assisted by Real Estate Batumi partners from a trustworthy local legal consulting firm. In case of buying property in a building that has not been put into operation by local municipal authorities yet (building is under construction), parties will need co-investment or preliminary purchase agreement. Find out details on different legal aspects here
Registration and payment
Registration of purchase agreement takes place in the House of Justice, Batumi. When you sign the agreement and pay the registration fee, ownership is considered to be transferred. Real Estate Batumi consultants will be there to assist you during the registration and payment stage – will guide you through all details and procedures to ensure you don’t get into a trouble. Find out details on different financial aspects here

Did not decide to invest?

In Georgia, there are no restrictions on the ownership of real estate, and there are no restrictions for the return of the return on investment back to your country. In Georgia, there is no real estate tax, except for a 20% capital gains tax, which is 0% after owning property for 2 years.

In the last decade, there has been a dynamic growth in the number of foreign visitors in Georgia (see Chart). The Colliers International Hospitality Sector 2015 study suggests that an increase of 8-10% is expected over the next 5 years. According to the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Adjara, direct private investments increased by 41.5% (195 and 276 million US dollars respectively) from 2013 to 2014, and 75% of investments were directed to the construction and real estate sector.

In 2016, the number of foreign visitors in Adjara reached 4 million people (source: National Investment Agency of Georgia and National Statistical Office of Georgia)



Return on investment

For clarity of statistics, we have formed 3 scenarios for the success of the return on investment: optimistic, average and modest. They are based on the weather during the off-season and the number of positive reviews on airbnb.

The graph shows the averaged values of the annual income for different types of apartments (Studio 2 people, Studio 3 people and One-room 3-4 people), taking into account the probability of possible scenarios.

The case with a minimum investment amount.

The minimum amount spent by the investor for the purchase of turn-key (black frame + renovation + furniture) studio 2 is $38,342.

  • In the worst case scenario: 4 months of warm days, 25 days a month, rooms are rented, the cost of one night is $34 - the investor receives a profit (for the year) of $2,862, which is 7.5% of his initial contribution. The return on investment is 14 years.
  • With the most favorable course of events: 5 months of warm days, 27 days a month, rooms are rented, the cost of one night is 40 - the investor receives profits (for the year) of $4,968, which is 13% of his initial contribution. In this scenario, the return on investment is 8 years.

Клиенты говорят о нас

Yakir Kesten

JustBatumi attracted me with reliability and quality that provide a steady income. The projects like New Horizon and Mega Palace in the portfolio of this company are stylish and comfortable buildings in Batumi, and also a proof of the seriousness of the company, in my opinion. In addition, the company advises on all issues and helps customers with individual wishes. Every year my rooms bring more and more money and I am completely satisfied with the cooperation.

Alon Sochen

I bought 2 rooms in ORBI Residence with help of JustBatumi, and within a few months I received a ready-made flat with an exclusive repair just a couple of minutes walk from the sea. Excellent company and quality construction. Full support of the transaction and a guarantee of payback. Competent approach to the client and business.

Abdul Ghani

In my family, great attention is paid to investment. My wife and I have been investing family funds for more than 10 years. Therefore, we are convinced that real estate investments are profitable and reliable. In 2015 we were interested in the development of tourism in Georgia and the first investment was the numbers of ORBI Residence. Convinced of the reliability of JustBatumi, we bought several blocks on the new floors. Now we get interest and very satisfied. Next year we will invest a large amount in new projects of JustBatumi.

Aiman al Matin

As for me, real estate investment is always a win-win. But considering the market of Georgia, it is necessary to note special advantages. Property prices in Europe, the UAE have reached critically high values, and their reliability is not so good. Georgia began to flourish, and thanks to the recommendations of my friends and the purchase of 5 rooms at ORBI Residence, I am now flourishing with it.

Rajab al Moghaddam

I prefer to invest in real estate not directly, but through proven investment companies - so there are more guarantees of reliability. My last contribution was to the 13th floor of the comfortable JustBatumi hotel and it more than justified itself — idle episodes happen only during the off-season. Particularly pleased with the opportunity to purchase ready-made living space.

Wafaaa el Samaan

Real estate investments are not only one of the safest but also highly profitable investments. In Batumi, for example, investors, though not paying back investments for a couple of years, have a stable and reliable income. And thanks to companies like JustBatumi, you can save a lot of time. They do everything instead of you!

Warda al Nasir

Georgia is a great country to buy real estate for foreigners like me. Here it`s possible to purchase real estate under the same conditions as the Georgian citizens. So I purchased rooms at 13th floor in ORBI as private person, because taxes are quite loyal, and tourism is gaining momentum. And JustBatumi provided an excellent registration of a turn-key deal, stylish repair and a constant influx of tourists.


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