Apartments in the built 25 fl. Residential building Nova on the street Inasaridze in 180 meters from the sea 550$


Apartments in the 25 – storeyed already built house Nova on the street. Inasaridze 18.
Sea and beach in 180 meters
On the first and basement floors of the new building are commercial areas (grocery supermarket, hairdresser salon, etc.), and on the remaining 23 floors – residential apartments of various sizes, with beautiful views of the sea, mountains and the city.
The construction is carried out using high-quality, environmentally friendly building materials and modern technology.
Elevators with batteries. Fire pumps with water reservoir.
Panoramic windows.
Condition at time of sale – black frame:
The walls are built around the perimeter of the apartment (without internal partitions)
Wiring to the apartment with the installed meter
Water supply (riser) with installed counter
Riser pipe
Internet to apartment
Front door – iron
Well-maintained entrance, installed 2 passenger elevators, one cargo-and-passenger
Finished facade with plastic windows and doors
Floor with cement screed
Balconies partially finished with metal, on the floor tiles
Parking in the yard
On the last floors – panoramic windows
House putting into operation – the house is delivered
The cost of apartments:
From 2 to 11 floor – sold
From 12 to 24 floor $ 550 (view of the mountains – apartments № 7-10), at $ 700 (view of the sea – apartments № 1 – № 6, № 11, № 12)
25 floor $ 750 per m², with repair for finishing (view of the mountains and the sea – apartments № 7-10), at $ 900 per m 2 with repair for finishing – (sea view – apartments №1 – №6, №11, №12) .
The initial payment is 30%. Interest-free installments until the end of 2016.


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